The Benefit of a Green Screen Studio in Video Creation

The Benefit of a Green Screen Studio in Video Creation

Here at DigiKat we are home to the largest, fully functioning green screen studio outside of metropolitan areas across all of Australia. And it’s available for hire! It is the only green screen studio in Tamworth and is ready to use for your next video production or photo shoot. Green screen studios are particularly helpful in video production for so many reasons! Read on to find out more.



By using a green screen studio you are able to easily insert your brand logos and colours into the video. This helps your viewer to easily recognise who is delivering the video and assists with brand recall. Not only will you have the audio from the video to help your brand resonate with your audience, you will also be able to present your colours and logos regularly.


This also adds a sense of professionalism to your business over your competitors so remember a green screen studio when you’re looking to create a video that will help with your brand being recognised.



Through the use of a green screen you’re able to include such things as diagrams or charts that may help with your message delivery. This develops a better understanding for your audience.


green screen studio


By creating your video in a green screen studio, you don’t have to factor in environmental factors into your filming process. Natural lighting can be inconsistent at best, and it could be sunshine and perfect weather for the tone of your video one moment and the next it could be overcast and could create a whole new tone for the video that isn’t suitable.


Using a green screen means that your background in the video can be anything you want or need it to be to suit the story you are trying to convey. And rain or shine you can film to the exact specifications and needs you set out from the beginning.



Using a green screen studio for your video creation opens up a world of new creative options that can really make your video more exciting and engaging for your target audience. Using a green screen means that your video can be literally as creative as your imagination will allow. This will help it be original and unique when compared to the creations of your competitors.



A green screen studio can completely transform the success of your video creation. If you believe your video production could use a green screen please feel free to hire our studio out. You can hire for a half or full day, it is entirely up to you and your needs.


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