Custom Made Video Campaigns

Digital marketing and reaching out to customers over social networking sites has been shown to have more success with video content. This allows for an engagement between the target audience and your content for longer than an image can and allows more interest to be generated than text often can.

We make videography and video marketing more accessible for businesses of all sizes. Videography is a crucial component of a successful marketing plan and is, therefore, something we will consider when developing a marketing plan for your business.


Our videography team has worked across all kinds of crew and shooting environments. We use this experience while we work with you through scripting, planning and shooting to create quality and engaging video content, no matter the scale of the production.


We’re a complete production house, and as part of that service we use our edit suite to ensure your project is crafted with care right up until it’s finished. Our editing services include 4K workflows, colour grading and delivery in any format.


Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Field their burning questions; hear what is on their minds and check out their live reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going. We supply live streaming solutions Australia wide, and can tailor or package to your event size.


Our green screen studio space, deep understanding of cinematography and post production expertise makes us a production company equipped to take your CGI product to a new level.


Digikat has constructed an in-house production studio and collected a team of talented and experienced videographers. We utilise this to tailor make video content for your marketing campaign from conception to delivery.

Our office space houses a full infinity curve greenscreen, an editing room with multiple custom editing stations, an extensive storage and archive system, and specialised gear for multiple shooting situations. We’re equipped to craft your next project.