All-In-One Reporting Platform for Any Size Business.

Reporting Software Built for Business.

Connect your favourite Social Media and Analytics accounts.

30+ Integrations

30 Days access to our powerful ALL-In-One Reporting Platform.

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Keep your staff up to date with a regular report delivered to their inbox — Stop building spreadsheets!

Custom Reports

SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Review and Call Tracking Dashboards

Monitor and report on all of your companies marketing campaigns in one place



30+ Integrations

Simply connect all your Social and Analytics accounts you use for your business. 



Measure performance

Stop building spreadsheets! Keep your staff up to date with an automated report delivered to their inbox.



We don't just help your business succeed we give you the tools to measure the results. 

30 Days FREE! then only $10 per month

Advanced, Intuitive Dashboard Layout

The native Google Analytics UI can lead to "analysis paralysis", even for experienced marketers. Our advanced, intuitive dashboard layout helps cut through the background noise to highlight the most crucial data patterns, allowing you to make more informed decisions for your business.

Track Goals and Conversions

If there's one metric that every business owner wants to see, it's revenue. Our drag and drop report editor makes it easy to craft layouts that prominently feature revenue, conversions, and goals. Round out reports with e-commerce and campaign-based metrics to present the true value and ROI of your company.

Everything your Business Needs


Build and schedule reports in seconds. Save time with a streamed-line reporting process. 


Allow your marketing team or staff to access and view the important metrics.


Accurately track your company keyword rankings. Updated daily.


Perform a full SEO audit on your company website. Schedule weekly audits to stay on top of any issues.

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