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What to Expect From Email Marketing in 2019

It’s a common misconception over the last year or so that email marketing is either dead or dying. A misconception that could not be further from the truth. Email’s relevance continues to shine through even as so many new marketing tactics and platforms arise. It has always had a personal edge compared to other marketing…
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3 Tactics to Drive Website Traffic That Aren’t SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation continues to hold great influence and power in generating website traffic. SEO is one of the most powerful organic tools businesses online have available to them. It works because it focuses on a target market that is looking for what you have to offer.   But SEO can also be…
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Email Marketing

Best Email Marketing Practices

Structuring a highly effective and strategic email campaign is a key step to success of any modern business. However, if you intend to run such a marketing campaign, there are few practices you should be aware of. Here are some of the best practices for your understanding.   Make it Mobile Friendly Statistics show responsive…
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