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Aligning Sales and Marketing to Become ‘Smarketing’

In most businesses that work around marketing and sales, they have separate teams to deal with these two different areas of work. Another approach to these two complex areas of business is to align the two through effective communication to become something called smarketing. Great word isn’t it?   The goal around this unique word…
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DigiKat’s Business Growth and Automation 2018 Event

Wednesday 28 November, DigiKat will be hosting its first ever event. The Business Growth & Automation 2018 event is targeted at small to medium sized business owners. This will be an evening event and is aimed at business owners wanting to grow sales, margins and become more streamlined overall as a business. This evening will…
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HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a beacon of information, resources and tools that can assist you with your digital marketing and reaching out to your audience. HubSpot CRM is one of their resources that helps you to fully manage and track your digital marketing work. It’s a platform that allows you to keep all your information in one…
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