DigiKat’s Business Growth and Automation 2018 Event

DigiKat’s Business Growth and Automation 2018 Event


Wednesday 28 November, DigiKat will be hosting its first ever event. The Business Growth & Automation 2018 event is targeted at small to medium sized business owners. This will be an evening event and is aimed at business owners wanting to grow sales, margins and become more streamlined overall as a business. This evening will be held at our headquarters in Tamworth and will include representative speakers from Rawson Baker, Inland Technology and HubSpot.


The evening will begin with some nibbles, drinks and networking. This event will be a great opportunity for all involved to get to know other businesses in the areas and speak to our guest speakers of the night to get more insight. After some time to get to know other attendees, speakers and hosts the presentations will begin.


The three separate speakers will focus on their own unique topics all centered around growth and automation for small to medium sized businesses.

The topics covered by each speaker will be as follows:DigiKat

  1. Rawson Baker- Accounting Automation
  2. HubSpot- Aligning Sales and Marketing
  3. Inland Technology- The Future of Business


You can expect information on:

  1. Why using a CRM is so important
  2. How to grow your sales and margins
  3. The Importance of a streamlined business
  4. How to align sales and marketing and why
  5. Where the future of business is heading
  6. The importance of automation of accounting
  7. Hubdoc


After the presentations there will be more time to get further insight from the three main speakers. The aim of the evening is to help business owners develop goals and create strategies to meet these goals for their small to medium sized business.


If you haven’t already registered for the Business Growth & Automation 2018 event, click below to do so now! A night full of information, networking and meeting new people. We are expecting great things from this evening and are sure that it will greatly benefit your small or medium sized business to set and meet new growth goals in 2019.


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