Digital Marketing Questionnaire

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Do you require a website?

Website Design Details

What is your current or proposed web address?

Would you like to move your website over to DigiKat hosting?

Who is your current hosting with?


Select what content you have ready to go.

Submission Form

What email address would you like your contact forms to be sent to?

Did you require "Live Chat" support or your website?

Design Requirements

Tell us about any design requirements, colours, other website examples you like?


Enter some goals or objectives you would like to achieve from your new website.

List keywords you are currently or would like to target. e.g

Landing Pages

What product or service are you looking to promote with a landing page?


Are you selling products online

How many products are you looking to sell online?

Do you have all the images, descriptions, skus, weights, dimensions for each products?

Track Performance

Would you like access to DigiKat Analytics Platform and Scheduled Reports?

What software do you use now to track online performance? E.g Google Analytics, Sprout Social


When was your ideal completion date?

Videograghy Production

Did you require videograghy services?


What is the purpose of your video?


What is your target audience?


Tell us in detail about your target audience, what you would like to achieve, whether you require us to research your niche?


Where will you promote your video?

Completion Date?

When was your ideal completion date?


How long did you need the video to be?


Do you already have a concept? Or are we developing one for you?


What location did you want to shoot at?


Do you need live audio?

If live audio capture is required what is the nature of the audio source?

Does it need to be filmed in 4K (usually for cinema ads)


Do you require any effects in post production?

Arial Footage

Do you require any drone footage?

Stock Footage

Do you require stock footage or B-Roll to be used?


Did you require content creation?

Channel Marketing

What channels did you require content for?


How often do you want to put out new content?

Paid Advertising

Did you require Paid Advertising?

What channels are you looking to advertise in?

Past Performance

On a scale of 1-5 how successful has your current advertising been?

Which channel has been the most effective?


What is your budget for advertising per month?

Extra Infomation

In your own words tell us what you would like to achieve from advertising your business?


Tick all accounts you have access to

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