IT Services


Our IT staff are skilled in assisting with any networking or wireless problem. Something as simple as setting up your wireless program for you so you don’t have to do it yourself or helping with connection issues you may experience, we will be able to help you fix these issues and understand why they happened to prevent them happening again.



DigiKat can assist you with any hardware support needed. Our skills go beyond software and we are able to assist with any physical issues your system or technology is experiencing. If you are having trouble with any part of your computer system or technological device we can offer support and help to fix the issue and get your business back and running at full capacity.


We can provide plans and create a set of procedures to protect your content and your business in the event of a disaster. This will protect your data from being lost and prevent any long-term issues in your business running due to the loss of any data. These plans can be organised with you to make sure they are right for your business.


Our team is versatile and very skilled at assisting you with your IT needs. Our services are well rounded, any issue you or your business has can be helped by DigiKat. We aim to have the problem resolved as quickly as possible so that your business can be running at full capacity with minimal disruption. We help with a range of IT issues including Cloud solutions, ATMs and POS.