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Accounting Automation For Business

Accounting automation helps to streamline businesses and simplify your accounting processes. Automation is completely transforming the accounting industry by pushing the modern day accountant to look beyond traditional work and practices and provide strategic insights around business.   Here are some benefits of accounting automation: Saving of time and money Improved accuracy A better understanding…
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Four Things Affecting the Future of Business

The future of business is heavily influenced by the technological advances made nearly everyday. There are so many technological advances happening right now that business is constantly transforming to keep up with the current trends and influences. technology has completely transformed the position of small businesses by allowing them to compete with larger organisations. By…
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BGA 2018 Was a Success and a Great Experience

DigiKat’s Business Growth & Automation 2018 event was last night (Wednesday 28th November) at DigiKat HQ in Tamworth. If you follow us on Facebook or any other social media platforms, or you’re an avid reader of this blog, you likely will have heard of BGA 2018 and what it entailed.   If you didn’t, here…
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Aligning Sales and Marketing to Become ‘Smarketing’

In most businesses that work around marketing and sales, they have separate teams to deal with these two different areas of work. Another approach to these two complex areas of business is to align the two through effective communication to become something called smarketing. Great word isn’t it?   The goal around this unique word…
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