Way Out West- James Blundell Celebrated

Way Out West- James Blundell Celebrated

James Blundell

James Blundell has been a country music superstar for 30 years. He has a number of very successful albums. He has also been a regular at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for years. Starting out as a humble busker on the streets like so many other aspiring stars do every year. James is now very well-known and has concerts and events on during the festival his fans flock to.

We recently worked with James in Tamworth during the festival this year. We filmed a video for him to celebrate his song ‘Way Out West’ and recreate an updated music video with a whole set of other stars singing along with him.


Before the Event

We built up the intrigue among the people of Tamworth and people that would be attending the festival. this was done through teaser ads on our social media accounts. We let people know something worth seeing was going to happen, we just didn’t tell them what it was. This was to get people down onto the street. Making half the battle- building a crowd- easier for us to create this video clip.


The Event

To celebrate 30 years in the business and nearly as long since his release of ‘Way Out West’ we at DigiKat were reached out to by Karen Waters at Red Rebel Music through Mick Bond from Country Rocks to help with a special project for James’ new album. We were reached out to, to create a rendition video of James singing his song ‘Way Out West’ along with a number of other big-name stars signing along.

The stars that participated were Tania Kernaghan, BREWN, Ben Ransom and Paul Costa. Adam Brand is also included in the clip; however, he was not able to attend the actual event on Peel street with everyone else.

We filmed on Australia Day, one of the most popular days during the festival so we knew there would be plenty of people on the street and around to see what was to unfold.

James Blundell

The Idea

The idea was for it to be a reverse ‘flash mob’ style video with very subtle filming so anyone seeing didn’t suspect it was a completely set up event. All of the stars set to join James showed up and put on the show of a lifetime.

We wanted to generate a crowd through the use of so many big-name stars of country music. We were successful in achieving that crowd, even if it did bucket down with rain. The crowd nevertheless sung along with all the stars and the clip is truly sensational, the passion from everyone, both from the stars and from the crowd, was so evident and made the planning for the event worth it.

James Blundell


The video clip was filmed on Peel street outside The Pig and Tinder Box back where James used to busk way back when. We chose this location for nostalgia for fans that have been following James since the beginning of his busking career. It took us all back to his roots. Plus, it’s also a high traffic area and one that everyone enjoying the festival would know and frequent.



Samsung mobile phones were used to film. We chose to film on phones to keep an element of surprise and not make a huge spectacle for the wrong reason. We really wanted people to believe what was happening was a spontaneous occurrence. Not as a completely pre-set up event, even if it did actually take a lot of time to orchestrate to ensure it ran perfectly.

We also specifically chose Samsung for the exceptional video quality. It’s also lucky Samsung mobiles are completely water resistant meaning the rain was not a barrier for us when filming. The phones we used had an IP68 raining meaning they are exceptionally water resistant so we knew the whole time we filmed that there was nothing to worry about with our choice of equipment.

We wanted HD footage on a discreet device so as to not impact the integrity of the event. We wanted it to seem that certain celebrities ‘just happened’ to be involved. There was a need to prevent the public from detecting anything was going on until the moment the clip started to be filmed and given that mobile phones are an everyday device, we knew they wouldn’t be noticed or seen as suspicious as they don’t look out of place in a crowd.


An Overall Success

Overall, this video clip could not have gone better for all involved. We were able to work with James Blundell and create a rendition clip. With some very well-known stars alongside him singing along to a country music classic. It paid homage to the 30-year career James has built for himself. A career which began with many busking sessions in Tamworth. It has created something really special for celebrating his successful career in country music.


Check out James Blundell’s ‘Way Out West’ video clip now!



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