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There tends to be a misunderstanding of the importance of good website design. They think that throwing something together quickly will be enough. And sure, sometimes (heavy emphasis on sometimes) that might be effective enough to generate some success.

But more often, this is not the case. You need to engage your audience, create good content, have optimal SEO, create trust with your audience and be consistent always.

DigiKat creates quality websites that are engaging and unique.


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Some Key Points to Think About for Website Design:

  • Font- You need to use a font that is consistent across your entire website. It needs to be easy to read and must represent your brand effectively.
  • Colours- Your colour choice will depend heavily on the brand colours you have chosen. Be sure to use your brand colours and other colours that really complement these main colour choices throughout your website.
  • Images- Images are important for increasing engagement for your website visitors and traffic. Use contextual images that suit the purpose of each web page and the message each page is trying to convey.
  • Layout- Your layout must make sense and be easy to navigate to make it engaging and to encourage your visitors to both stay on your site and also return.
  • Mobile friendly- So many individuals more and more everyday are using their phones to look at websites and click on links. Make sure that your site is mobile friendly to increase traffic.
  • Simple navigation- Don’t make it a mission for your website visitors to navigate your website. You want the process to be as easy as possible to make sure their experience is a positive one.
  • Spacing- Using space allows for easier navigation and better understanding when traffic is looking through your website. Remember to include spacing in your website for better readability.
  • Usability- This is key! You want your visitors to be able to use your website! Otherwise, what is the point of creating it?
  • Trust- Using trust builders like about us, contact, testimonials, client logos etc.helps you to gain the trust and create a connection with your website visitors. You want them to know you are the experts in the products/ services you provide.
  • Call to Action (CTA)- Use your CTAs to get your target audience to do what you want them to do. Use CTAs to increase downloads and develop leads that should hopefully eventually turn into customers.
  • Search bar- You want to make your website experience as easy as possible and sometimes your visitors don’t want to have to navigate your entire website to see if you have what they are looking for. Having a search bar is convenient and your traffic will thank you for making their experience a simple and easy one.
  • Simplicity- Good website design focuses on functionality and navigation so simplicity is always best. Keep it basic and effective. Use images, videos, copy to engage your audience but don’t overdo it.
  • Consistency- Consistency is key always. All of your web pages should follow the same format, use the same colours and branding etc.
  • User friendly- The point of website design is for the user to be able to navigate and hopefully become a lead that will turn into a customer. You need to be sure your website is as user friendly as possible.
  • SEO– By utilising SEO you are more likely to be found on search engines like Google. This is key for reaching your audience that are already searching for a product or service like yours.
  • Consider a professional like us- Sometimes it’s better to leave it up to the professionals. We’d be lying if we said that effective and good website design was easy. It’s a tough task that takes a lot of man hours. If you want to give your target market the best possible experience when on your site and make it as easy as possible for them to find you, then DigiKat’s web design team is for you.