Aligning sales and marketing to become ‘smarketing’

In most businesses that work around marketing and sales, they have separate teams to deal with these two different areas of work. Another approach to these two complex areas of business is to align the two through effective communication to become something called smarketing. Great word isn’t it?

The goal around this unique word smarketing is to create easily measured goals that the two teams are able to hit and agree on. This does not equate to combining the two teams completely, although it does come close. Both teams definitely have a place and a different set of attributes and goals in their own right. Aligning the two to work more closely together just improves the chances of success within a business.

Focusing on leads and conversion, within the concept of smarketing is mutual accountability and a deeper level of working together. This means it becomes more difficult for leads to ‘slip through the cracks’ of your business system.

When you are all on the same page and communicating, the leads your marketing efforts bring in are more effectively managed and ready for the sales team to reach out to the most promising of leads and prevent forgetting or losing the leads that may have a more rough path to becoming a sale.

When a business is not ensuring a link between the sales and marketing teams those more difficult to convert leads get left behind, and therein lies a total loss of potential sales for that business.

While these leads can take more work, they are still a potential asset to your business, so don’t let your marketing and sales practices avoid working together and ensure they are focused on these more difficult leads just like the easy to convert leads.

Incorporating smarketing into your business can be a great way to truly take your business to the next level. if you feel it’s the right time to bring this business strategy into your system, we recommend highly that you consider it. Combining/exchanging resources and communicating effectively between the two teams is a quick way to get started with this process.