How to improve the CTR of your CTA buttons

Pretty much every website has calls-to-action on their website. 

However, only 47% of websites have CTA buttons that you can easily see within 3 seconds. Place your CTA where they are easy to see. Make sure that there are no distractions and the CTAs can easily be used. 

1 make sure users know the buttons are actionable 

This seems incredibly obvious but is actually something that many websites don’t do well. Many buttons on websites are not really clearly actionable. 

To make buttons actionable there are a few things that you can do.  

  1. Add ledges to your button 
  2. Add shadows to the button 
  3. Use text to show users that the button will give a particular result if clicked on 
  4. Make it a unique shape compared to other parts of your website. 

2 Choose stand-out colours 

If you want to make your button unique and stand out. Colours are more active and easy ways to do so. 

A bright and bold colour is a great choice for a button because it stands out and also indicates action. 

Your best choice would be to find a shade that stands out against your other primary colours. By doing so, you will make sure that your button stands out. 

3 Use actionable words 

The standard words that many people use, such as “click here” and “submit”. Using an authoritative statement is a great way to increase Click-Through-Rates. Using authoritative words means that users are more likely to click on your words. 

By using actionable words such as “Shop the latest brands” is a great way to entice users, and make it clear. 

4 Create more white space 

White space is just as important as having beautiful artworks. In website design, whitespace is just as important. 

5 Add arrows 

Using arrows is an incredibly simple way to make a button stand out even more. Studies have shown that merely adding an arrow pointing to the button increased the CTR by 26%.  

An arrow is indicative of something important and entices users to click on the button. 

Personalise the language on the button 

Use your Buyer Personas to make the CTAs more personalised. You can’t make a button be individual to every user visiting your website. But you can definitely make the buttons more personalised. 

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and figure out what type of language they prefer. Do they prefer first-, second-, or third-person language? 

Make sure that the button matches the intent that you want people to do on your page and the subject matter. 

7 Look at what your competitors are doing. 

The easiest way to learn what your users are looking for, is finding out what works for your competitors can show you what can work for you. 

Don’t only look at your competitors but also other successful businesses.  

Once you have a list of the best buttons you can start trying them out on your own website. 

By trying all the methods and seeing the effects on the website  your CTR will slowly increase and you will get increasingly higher Click-Through-Rates