How to write the right Ad for the right audience

Paid search is an incredibly potent and powerful tool to get a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Often it just takes the click of a button. Create a few good ads and you’re done. However, if you decide to start adding audience targeted messaging to your ads, you might see better results. 

This is why it is important to make sure you understand the purpose of the ads. If you are able to define the purpose of your paid ad campaign you can create an end-to-end strategy to your campaign. 

We will try to help you create a great strategy plan for your paid ads. How to create a good end-to-end strategy. 

Understand your goals 

Like with any online campaign. The first thing you need to do is to create goals. If you know what you want users to achieve after they click on your Ad, then you know how to create the right landing page. 

Each goal will have a different approach and a different layout of your landing page. By making sure that you understand the goals you will be able to tailor the message, the landing page, and your entire campaign. 

If you know that there are certain obstacles or issues that your prospects are trying to solve, keep that in mind as well. Make sure that you really understand your Buyer Persona before you start writing ads. 

Another important aspect is understanding the location in the funnel that the user is going to enter the buying process. Bottom-of-Funnel has completely different wording than a top-of-funnel advertisement. 

Determine your audience 

Now it’s time to determine your audience. There are three great ways that Paid search can be used. These are the options: 

Display, Search and Remarketing. We will provide a bit of advice on each of these areas. 

  • Display 

There are various ways that you can target with display advertising. They all depend on what you are trying to achieve with your ads. You can target people with “affinity audience”, meaning you can target specific websites. If they search with various queries you might be able to keyword target. 

  • Search 

There are a fair few good questions related to the query that you can ask yourself. These questions will help optimise your search query 

What would I search for if I was looking for XYZ? 

What searches might bring traffic that isn’t for my targeted persona? 

Make sure you don’t just ask these questions, also look out for negative keywords and make sure your buyer persona is as detailed as possible  

  • Remarketing 

Now that you have found the right audience through search and display, it’s time to remarket to the people that came to your website again. This will be more targeted because it’s already tailored. 

Develop your message 

Now it’s time to make sure that you have the right message for your audience. There are a few key things to keep in mind. These can be summarised as follows. 

  • What?  What are you providing your audience? 

What is the product or service you are trying to sell? 

  • Why? Why would your audience care about what you are selling? 

What is the reason that your product or service should care about your product or service? This can be as simple as saying that your product has a great discount or provides great value. 

  • How? How will your audience benefit from your product? 

What is the reason that your product is going to provide great benefit to your audience? 

  • What may prevent an audience member from converting? 

What are the problems that your audience might have with your product? Can you calm the anxieties from your audience? Provide great content and a great calming message. 

If you follow these guidelines you will soon be creating content and paid media posts that will make your audience convert. This, of course, is what everyone wants. 

If you need help with your paid media you can always contact us, or schedule a meeting with our marketing managers.