The relationship between SEO and social media

SEO can be seen as a very simple concept. Use a keyword to get yourself found on search engines. It’s typically effective. And it’s free. And while it still does work under this rather simple approach, with it’s constant organic use and the heavy competition, it’s time for businesses to be smarter when it comes to how they approach SEO.

While there are so many ways now to get your brand out there, search remains one of the main ways in which websites, e-commerce or otherwise, are found, so the power of SEO should not be overlooked.

Social media marketing and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to digital marketing strategies. While SEO is so commonly associated with brands being found on search engines, you cannot forget that social media can be used for SEO success as well.

Social media marketing and SEO are both organic approaches so they are great tools to use for your digital marketing campaign. Social media can dramatically improve your SEO ranking overall as they provide a whole new channel for the use of keywords and SEO to have your site better known and found more easily.

While social media can help improve your SEO score and make you easily found by your target market, using SEO and being smart about your word choices on social media can improve your success on this platform as well. Because they are both so interchangeable and have similar organic approaches to getting attention, they work well as a team to naturally attract visitors.

SEO is all about people searching and finding your content and social media can help in this situation simply because the majority of the traffic and your target market that you are after will be on social media, so if you have a strong social media presence, the likelihood of being found by your desired audience is high.

There are a few different ways to increase your success when combining social media and SEO channels in your digital marketing:

External links

By using external links you can look more appealing to Google. You achieve better ranking through these links as it increases credibility through connecting to well-known and successful websites.

Creating good quality website content (blog posts, eBooks, etc.) helps you to have a higher chance of having your links shared on social media. This helps get your content out there more and helps you get exposed to your audience.

Linking to your own content on your profiles allows social media to become another platform for self-promotion, which can improve your overall SEO ranking.

Effective and engaging content

You’re not going to improve your SEO ranking with links and specified keywords unless you are creating engaging social posts. The motto Quality over Quantity has to be kept in mind. Don't spam unengaging content on social media.

You want to increase brand awareness, but this doesn't mean you should post unengaging content. This will mean that while you may not have masses of content on your pages, you’ve created content specific to your audience and will more likely be found through their searches.

Social media is like a search engine

Social media can act as a search engine in itself. Use the right keywords and hashtags to make your content found on social media. Remember that your audience is on social media more than on any search engine.

Make your content engaging for your Buyer Personas. Again, it’s not so much about producing lots of content, its about creating quality, eye-catching content. Content that will keep traffic on your page and have them returning.

By combining SEO and Social Media, you have a greater chance of prospects seeing your brand.