HubSpot CRM to grow your business

HubSpot is a beacon of information, resources, and tools that can assist you with your digital marketing and reaching out to your audience. HubSpot CRM is one of its resources that helps you to fully manage and track your digital marketing work. It’s a platform that allows you to keep all your information in one place and monitor your outreach efforts and responses.

Customer relationship management or CRM is crucial for businesses to understand and monitor leads when they are trying to build their customer base, take on new clients and develop leads and conversions. Understanding the wants and needs of customers and how your business can cater to them means that you can develop a better customer relationship. This process can get overwhelming and needs monitoring to assure you are developing relationships and managing them effectively.

HubSpot CRM software gives you everything you need to track and organise relationships with leads and customers while also working to nurture them along the way. The beauty of HubSpot CRM is it:

  • helps to stay organised effortlessly
  • speeds up sales
  • improve productivity
  • keeps information localised (leads, conversions, sales, etc.)

Perfect for the sales and marketing teams, or a combination of them all, HubSpot CRM is the perfect location to place all of your sales leads, contacts and customer information to provide maximum efficiency. It is especially helpful for small businesses as it provides an integrated approach to CRM and business management and automates the tasks salespeople don’t want to. This increases deals while decreasing data entry requirement.

HubSpot identifies four steps to successful CRM Implementation:

  1. Understanding the Sales Process
  2. Moving data into the CRM
  3. The sales process buildout
  4. Monitoring systems and data

HubSpot CRM allows for these major steps to be completed locally within their CRM software and provides you with information, assistance and resources to help you to have a successful CRM. It provides a fully integrated space that includes sales, marketing, customer service and CRM. All of which are powerful tools but their effectiveness improves dramatically when all interconnected in one space.

The beauty of HubSpot is that they offer these services free. There are a number of different software providers that could be competitive with HubSpot in this area but their free aspect is extremely limited and the true benefits only come when you start to pay. While HubSpot CRM does not include all the aspects of their CRM software in the free package, it does allow you access to a lot of their resources. DigiKat is a partner with HubSpot now and we have access to resources and software that can greatly help to improve your digital marketing and business success.

There are a lot of components involved in the HubSpot CRM software and navigating all of this can get overwhelming but don’t be discouraged, there is plenty of guidance and explanation along the way. The complex number of different parts involved in HubSpot CRM is a testimony to how helpful and well rounded the software is so while it can be daunting, it’s also encouraging. It represents the many different departments included in this software.

HubSpot CRM provides businesses with an integrated and automated approach to CRM and allows for all the small parts of the bigger picture to be focused on while allowing businesses to focus on other priorities. It is software suited to all businesses looking to build their customer base, manage deals, increase leads and conversions and make the processes more simple for all involved.