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Servicing Tamworth and the surrounding areas, DigiKat Marketing are the Digital Marketing gurus and Sales Automation Specialists. Simply by providing Businesses in Tamworth with a wide range of Digital Marketing and sales Automation solutions, DigiKat Marketing can significantly increase the quality and quantity of sales leads, as well as engagement with customers in general.

A certified HubSpot partner in the Tamworth region, DigiKat Marketing can increase the growth as well as the profitability of your business through provision of the most effective software for sales solutions, client service, automated marketing, and much more.


Growth Driven Marketing

We are in the growth business! DigiKat Marketing has all the tools you need to build an optimised digital marketing campaign that generates leads. We stay at the forefront of current trends to provide growth-driven marketing and sales tactics that are strategically applied within the holistic, intuitive, and personalised way.

HubSpot Partner

HubSpot is one of the world's leading sales and marketing platforms. As a HubSpot Partner, DigiKat Marketing is ideally placed to help you improve your marketing performance by building lead generating websites and campaigns optimised for sales


Growth-Driven Design

Growth-driven web design provides a smarter approach to eliminating problems with traditional web design while utilising data for the most optimal results. This methodology combines ideas from world-class software and start-ups, created by top designers, marketers, and strategists and then applied to web design.


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Tamworth Digital Marketing

The best local digital marketing company in Tamworth and surrounds, DigiKat Marketing can provide your business with a strong online presence, robust and reliable assistance. By specifically designing and creating websites which focus on your Tamworth business’s lead generating aspects, the team at DigiKat Marketing are specialists and can show you how to increase your website traffic. Simply by using strategies for Inbound Marketing you should see sales increase exponentially with an increases in success and profitability.

Almost more important than costs incurred with the initial start-up capital, Digital marketing is essential for expedient business growth. DigiKat Marketing is your secret weapon in Tamworth for simultaneously creating company growth, by combining the more traditional marketing mediums with the very latest in digital marketing strategies, while maximising results, and increasing your return on initial investment costs.

By marketing with the full-service digital marketing agency DigiKat Marketing, DigiKat Marketing is able to provide some truly expert assistance in a wide range of other services to Tamworth businesses. DigiKat Marketing also works with clients in the areas surrounding Tamworth and the rest of Australia,  which explains why they’re always so eager to work their magic with Google AdWords to Search Engine Optimisation, and everything else in between. DigiKat Marketing assists with businesses in Tamworth and surrounding areas. This can ultimately allow your business to start moving forward and upward which ensures that you consistently tackle your true market potential.

Tamworth Online Marketing

By providing you with tailored online solutions, DigiKat Marketing can help with increasing sales delivering targeted leads in Tamworth and surrounds as well as generating business overall.

DigiKat Marketing can take care of businesses in Tamworth for either a highly effective manager for Google Ads, social media, a super knowledgeable SEO specialist, a brilliantly designed website, or any other aspect of online marketing.

DigiKat Marketing based in Tamworth and servicing the surrounding areas sets you up with better leads, higher traffic, and a wide range of other quality results, DigiKat is where it’s at.


Tamworth Hubspot

DigiKat Marketing can help businesses in Tamworth and surrounding areas with the cloud-based platform for inbound marketing HubSpot , HubSpot is also used for tracking data from marketing campaigns and sales efforts, as well as data from a wide range of other sources simultaneously.

Tamworth HubSpot specialists DigiKat Marketing obtain better-qualified leads and maximum use of the software.

Through the combination of Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, and much more. HubSpot has the proficiency to manage everything from one place. DigiKat Marketing offers consultancy services in Tamworth as Tamworth’s #1 HubSpot Partner. This includes full automation support, such as HubSpot set up, along with live chat, and training of organisations and sales teams.

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DigiKat Marketing is a Digital Marketing agency that actually drives results. We provide full alignment between sales, marketing, and service and growth driven website design.

No matter what your business needs, when it comes to driving sales growth, we have you covered.