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Growth-Driven Design is a smart approach to creating websites that eliminates problems while driving optimal results by combining testing, iteration, and learning that reduces costs and improves performance. 

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Learning Centers

Give visitors the information they need, have the content researchers want to read and make it easy for them to buy from you with a learning center on your site.

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Enable your customers to make a purchase decision without wasting time on the sales process and empower your customers to purchase on their own terms.

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Our Process

With a progressive approach for designing, creating, and optimising websites. Websites that utilise Growth-Driven Design can help you achieve principal marketing goals based on a combination of continuous experiments and user data.
Growth-Driven Design allows you to see a return on your investment by continuously collecting user data from their interaction with your website so you can make informed decisions and achieve a faster time-to-value. The methodology of Growth-Driven Design is typically a 3-stage-process of Strategy, Launch Pad, and Improvement.



Growth-Driven Design weaves together several concepts into a highly effective and comprehensive methodology for designing websites. HubSpot CMS is a scalable solution for B2B websites with powerful features that allow you to build on a modular basis so that you can launch each sprint with minimum impact to any that have already been launched.


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It should go without saying that any Growth-Driven Design project is going to require a solid strategy with methodology used to develop a foundation to build these processes on. To prepare your strategy for Growth-Driven Design you'll need to create buyer personas and gain user insight along with competitive analysis from your website analytics.

Launched Pad

While the traditional web design process sees websites launched as soon as they're complete, Growth-Driven Design means websites are launched right away. That means building and launching what's called a "Launch Pad website" from which all other Growth-Driven Design improvements and activities are started. Applying this method allows you to take complete control of your website and track its performance, which provides valuable, interesting, and relevant client data so you can build a high converting webstore.

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Continuous Improvement

Start by creating a wish list and prioritise the must-have features for your website. Then once the Launch Pad website is live, you can collect real user data and start the cycles of continuously experimenting, learning, and improving your website. You should always have a long and agile wish list of impactful things to implement on your site, which needs to be updated regularly and consistently.

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Your advisor will help you get clear on your goals and assess your current efforts, before crafting a one-of the-kind program that blends proven strategy with tactical instruction.


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We will work with your team to strategise and implement a custom plan to develop and marketing and sales engine that will build a steady stream of leads and sales.


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Within just weeks, you’ll be more confident in your sales and marketing, you’ll become a trusted authority in your industry, helping you get more leads and a steady stream of sales.

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LAVO's experience working with Mick and his team from Digikat Marketing to date has been amazing. They're responsive, knowledgeable and will go out of their way to help ensure you get the best from HubSpot and how it can support your marketing strategy. We couldn't recommend Mick and his team more highly.
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