DigiHub Learning Center: The Ultimate HubSpot Theme

Helpful content on your blog is an excellent way to engage potential customers. However, people having to scroll page after page to get what they want can frustrate your web visitors. 

The good news is that DigiKat brings you "DigiHub LC". This theme helps you create a learning centre in your Hubspot CMS website to improve user experience.  Read on to learn how DigiHub LC is a game-changer for your website and business. 


Introducing a New HubSpot Theme that Takes Your Website's User Experience to the Next Level

Our latest DigiHub theme DigiHub LC is a theme for HubSpot CMS it works with both the CMS Hub and Marketing Hub Pro+. This powerful new theme allows you to streamline your internal process, generate leads and help answer question customer may have by creating things like, an onboarding portal, learning centre or online course to name a few on your HubSpot website.

The DigiHub LC theme allows you to create a centralised learning centre for your web visitors. Your web visitors can access blog posts, videos, podcasts, training courses, and other relevant information from a single place on your website. 

DigiHub LC helps you create a single location for all your content that streamlines user experience on your site and drives desired results in your business. But why do you need a learning centre on your website? 



Why Do You Need a Learning Center on Your Website? 

With content in a centralised location, your website becomes a one-stop learning centre for your web visitors. Below are the reasons why you need a learning centre on your website. 


1. It Helps You Build Trust With Potential Customers

A learning centre compiles useful articles in one place. If you organise these articles properly such that related topics and categories are interconnected, you create a one-stop hub for web visitors. As a result, you position yourself as an expert in your field, which is the best way to build strong relationships with potential customers. 

Picture this. A web user Googles a keyword that leads them to one of your helpful articles. Since you've put articles in the same location (topically or categorically), the web user bumps into related blog posts that solve her other problems. The chances are that the articles will engage the web visitor—not only because the information is authentic but also because your well-organised learning centre saves her the trouble of scouring the web for answers. 

The DigiHub LC theme facilitates creating a learning centre that builds trust with prospects. You can organise and interconnect centralised content to deliver the best value to your web visitors.


2. It Helps You Educate Customers to Make Your Businesses More Efficient

A learning centre helps you educate your potential clients on topics related to your business. In return, you enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Informed Potential Customers Reduce the Pressure on Your Business

Uninformed potential clients require your staff to explain the basics of your products or services. This can be a huge drawback, especially when dealing with many potential customers.  That's because you will invest more time and resources in answering questions instead of closing deals. 

A learning centre on your website empowers potential customers with the details they need to make a buying decision. As a result, your prospects will need less or no personal guidance in the buyers' funnel. You save more time and resources you can channel into other core business activities.

  • Informed Prospects Are Easy to Convert into Customers

It's easier to convert informed prospects into actual clients than those uninformed about your business, industry, products, or services. Suppose a potential customer uses your online learning centre resources to compare the suitable service package.

In that case, the prospect will reach out to your business, ready to buy. That's because the prospects won't need you to guide them to the right decision. The information in the learning centre already did. Eventually, you close business deals faster to increase your profit rate. 

  • Informed Customers Can Easily Become Repeat Clients

A customer who knows your business and industry recognises a good deal when you present it to them. With a learning centre, you inform customers about your niche, products, services, and prices. 

When prospects are familiar with such information, they can easily respond to your discounts and special offers. After all,  they can easily tell the difference between great value and marketing tricks. As a result, a learning centre makes it easy to get repeat clients in your business. 


3. It Allows You to Educate Your Web Visitors With Diverse Content

Blogs are typically home for articles. However, a learning centre lets you increase the value of your website to visitors through various educational content. 

It allows you to include blog posts, videos, podcasts, images, and webinars on your website, ensuring you appeal to various types of potential customers who learn differently. For instance, prospects that prefer visuals can learn from videos, while those that prefer audio-processing can access podcasts in your learning centre. 

Apart from appealing to people who learn differently, a learning centre on your website allows you to combine different forms of content to ensure you communicate effectively. For example, you can include videos, images, and diagrams in blog posts to explain the complex elements of your business. 


About the Developers of DigiHub Learning Center

DigiKat is the agency behind DigiHub LC. We are digital marketing and business growth agency that specialises in HubSpot. Our focus is on providing solutions that work for business owners like you. We help businesses drive more leads, engage more prospects, and boost sales. 

At first, we built DigiHub LC for ourselves. The goal was to help onboard more customers into HubSpot. This theme simplified our work since customers could conveniently access the information they needed from a single location. 

We are excited to share our latest HubSpot CMS theme with businesses like yours. This theme improved our lead generation 5 times better than before by allowing us to run free online training course. It improved our internal process of onboarding clients with our custom onboarding module included in the theme. We believe it can help you make your business more efficient. Ready to take your business to the next level, read on to see how DigiHub LC enables you to do just that.



What Will You Get From DigiHub Learning Center Theme? 

The DigiHub LC theme includes: 


An Easy to Use Drag-and-Drop Layout

DigiHub LC theme has a drag-and-drop layout that makes using it quick and easy. It's almost effortless to add website content and customise the design without coding knowledge. 


Essential Features to Streamline Client Onboarding Process

Providing your potential customers with a positive onboarding experience is essential to customer retention. DigiHub LC theme streamlines the client onboarding process through two important features. 

First, it lets you post onboarding videos that walk customers through your offers. The theme also has sign-up forms to collect customer information during the onboarding process. These two features play an integral role in a successful onboarding process. 


Ability to Strategically Display Your Downloadable Resources and Call-to-Action (CTA)

The drag-and-drop layout allows you to choose the right section to display resources like playbooks and online courses. On top of that, you get to choose a strategic place for your CTAs to ensure they are as effective as possible. 


A Centralised Place to Organise and Display All Your Website Content

With DigiHub Learning Center, you can gather blog posts, videos, online courses, and other relevant content in a central location. For this reason, your audience can easily access essential details from one place, improving the user experience on your site. 

Besides that, you get to organise the centralised content such that your web visitors get the best value from your site. For instance, you can allow users to view all posts of a specific category at once, ensuring customers can easily navigate to other useful resources on your website. 



Is the DigiHub LC Theme Right for You? 

DigiHub LC is exclusively for business owners with Hubspot websites. The theme is right for you if you want to achieve one or several of the following goals.

  • You Want to Create a Learning Center on Your Business Website

If you are looking for a one-stop hub for all your website information, the DigiHub LC theme will do the trick. This theme allows you to store various content types in one location—articles, webinars, image galleries, online lessons, and videos. 

  • You Want to Streamline the New Customer Onboarding Process in Your Business Website

DigiHub LC has all the basic features businesses need for a successful customer onboarding process. With this theme, you can include an onboarding video to walk your customers through the core benefits of your products or services. You will also access the sign-up forms you need to smoothen the onboarding process. 

  • Your Business Offers Online Courses

With DigiHub LC, you can display several online courses to drive your desired results. 

  • You Want to Add Value to Your Website's Content

DigiHub LC helps you gather important content in one location that gives customers the absolute value of everything your business does. Customers can access multiple videos, blog posts, and other types of content from one place without complex navigations on your website. 

You can leverage the download buttons to enable customers to access crucial business resources. The DigiHub LC theme lets you collect customer testimonials and reviews that build trust. Generally, these features ensure you provide the best value to customers and position yourself as an authority in the industry. 


How Is DigiHub Learning Center Different from Other HubSpot Themes? 

There are dozens of themes you can choose from in the Hubspot marketplace. What makes DigiHub LC unique?


1. It Quickly Makes Your Business Efficient

DigiHub LC from DigiKat has a direct impact on your business's efficiency. We used DigiHub (at our agency DigiKat) to help with onboarding our customers onto HubSpot. It made our job easier since customers could easily access answers to their questions from a single location.

DigiKat has also experienced significant growth because of using DigiHub LC. We can now onboard new customers faster than before—10+ new customers per month as opposed to 2 when we weren't using DigiHub LC. We experienced considerable growth in our agency due to a more streamlined process. You, too, can benefit massively from our DigiHub LC HubSpot theme. 


2. DigiHub Is Easy to Navigate and Customise

The layout of our theme is straightforward and doesn't require coding, thanks to our drag-and-drop theme layout. For this reason, any business owner can leverage this theme to take their website's user experience to the next level. 


How Do I Get Started With DigiHub Learning Center Theme? 

To get started with DigiHub LC, request a demo to identify whether it's a good fit for your business website. Alternatively, send an email to mick@digikat.com.au to book a meeting. 


Can Any Business Use DigiHub Learning Center Theme?

Any business with a HubSpot CMS website or has Marketing Pro+ can use DigiHub Learning Center Theme. No matter your business niche— whether you're an agency, e-commerce site, online coach or consultant, e.t.c. —this Hubspot theme will help you gather learning materials in one location. Customers will easily access resources on your website for a seamless user experience. 


How Much Does DigiHub Learning Center Theme Cost? 

DigiHub LC is $1200 for the theme this includes:

  • 2 hrs of support to get you up and running with DigiHub LC.
  • Ongoing updates to the theme. 
  • Access to our Learning center, with tips and tricks on building and managing a learning center.
  • COMING SOON - Access to 12 months of DigiElite, our online training program for everything HubSpot. (Value of $2,500)


Is DigiHub Learning Center Theme Device Responsive? 

DigiHub LC theme has a responsive layout compatible with different screen sizes and devices. Your website will appeal to both desktop and mobile users, ensuring you don't lose qualified leads because of unresponsiveness. 



Improve the User Experience on Your Site and Take Your Business to the Next Level With DigiHub LC Theme

The greatest benefits of the DigiHub LC theme include: 

  • DigiHub LC theme comes with an intuitive layout, helping you customise web page designs to your liking without coding skills. 
  • You can gather all your website content in one place, making it easy for customers to access resources on your site. 
  • With all essential information in one place, the DigiHub LC theme helps you improve the customer experience on your website. 
  • DigiHub LC theme streamlines client onboarding processes. 

Book a meeting today to see how the DigiHub LC theme is a game-changer for your business.