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Using Social Media to Generate Construction Leads

Generating effective leads for construction companies is important, just like any other business. At DigiKat, we understand that each industry is different and requires unique approaches in order to have success. While the general process and channels to be explored can work for all types of industries overall, focusing on what will work for your…
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Aligning Sales and Marketing to Become ‘Smarketing’

In most businesses that work around marketing and sales, they have separate teams to deal with these two different areas of work. Another approach to these two complex areas of business is to align the two through effective communication to become something called smarketing. Great word isn’t it?   The goal around this unique word…
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Creating the Omni-Channel Experience For Your Customer

Using multiple channels in marketing is a concept we have stressed over our blog posts and eBooks. Having more than one successful channel is crucial to success for your business and building your brand. But what about taking it one step further than this? Having your channels work together to create a more powerful experience…
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Videography for Real Estate

Videography for real estate is crucial in today’s competitive market. Video is described as one of the most successful tools for any business to generate leads and sales and to get ahead of the competition. The real estate industry is no exception to this rule. In fact, if you use video in real estate, you…
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