Westpac Ball

2018 Rescue Ball Tamworth: Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service Tribute Video

The Tamworth Rescue Ball by Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is an annual event in Tamworth. It is held to raise money for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. This year it was held March 24 and had one of the largest number of attendees ever.   A lot of people support the Westpac ball every year…
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How to Make Your Instagram So Impressive

Although Instagram was primarily launched as a social networking platform, it is now used worldwide as a tool to promote many businesses. With the correct use and optimisation, Instagram can be placed among the most effective marketing tools for your business. However, maintaining an odd looking, lifeless Instagram account will not make much difference; you…
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Mobile Apps

Building a Mobile App For Your Business

Modern developments have led to a number of businesses to consider developing mobile apps. However, surprisingly, a significant number of businesses are still not aware of the benefits an app can deliver. This article highlights the reasons you should build a mobile app for your business. People are on their phones most hours of the…
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Hashtags and Why They Are So Important in Building Your Business

“Hashtags” is a frequently used word in today’s highly digitalised society. Hashtags have become an important aspect for modern businesses to succeed in this highly competitive era, they provide a number of assistive benefits for your business. Here is an overview of hashtags and why they are so important in building your business.     What…
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Using YouTube Content to Build Your Brand

YouTube content has completely transformed the way businesses can use social networking sites to build their business. Regardless of the scale of the business you run or to which industry it relates to, you need to seriously think about how you are going to brand it. Going beyond the traditional strategies, modern technology facilitates you…
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Product Photo

Tips For Better Product Photos

We all know how product photos can help businesses to promote their products. Unique and powerful images can convert visitors into customers successfully. In fact, pictures are capable of creating a strong and convincing impression about products. Although product photography is practical as a DIY task, it should be backed with some essential tips. This article…
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Videography for Real Estate

Videography for real estate is crucial in today’s competitive market. Video is described as one of the most successful tools for any business to generate leads and sales and to get ahead of the competition. The real estate industry is no exception to this rule. In fact, if you use video in real estate, you…
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Go Live With Facebook Live to Engage Customers

In the past few decades, social media has taken the entire world by storm. Social networking sites come with a large range of attractive features with the ability to transform businesses. Facebook, being one of the most dominant social media platforms in the world, has introduced Facebook Live as an innovative feature. This particular feature offers Facebook users…
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Tamworth IT

Managed Tamworth IT Solutions

IT. Information technology. We are the IT specialist- DigiKat | Digital Marketing & IT Business Solutions. You’d want to hope we know what It is. Let us be your Tamworth IT specialists.   A lot of people probably think they know what IT solutions are and probably consider it to mean a bit of help…
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R1100- Internet For Rural Areas

Rural areas of Australia have not always had the same luxuries as other areas have when it comes to the Internet. It was always going to take a lot longer to extend the internet into these remote areas because of how sensitive installing internet into rural homes can be. And with how far away some…
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