3 Tips To Help In Becoming A Successful Content Creator

Successful content creators have many traits and habits that contribute to their ability. The basic understanding is of course you need to be original in what you write and you need to be creative and clever in how you write. But there can be so much more that really puts you above the competition in…
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BGA 2018 Was a Success and a Great Experience

DigiKat’s Business Growth & Automation 2018 event was last night (Wednesday 28th November) at DigiKat HQ in Tamworth. If you follow us on Facebook or any other social media platforms, or you’re an avid reader of this blog, you likely will have heard of BGA 2018 and what it entailed.   If you didn’t, here…
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Should You Be Using PPC or SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are two different ways to have you website and content found through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. These two different ways to be found on search engines have their benefits and their downfalls. They both have the potential to help with branding, awareness, credibility,…
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Aligning Sales and Marketing to Become ‘Smarketing’

In most businesses that work around marketing and sales, they have separate teams to deal with these two different areas of work. Another approach to these two complex areas of business is to align the two through effective communication to become something called smarketing. Great word isn’t it?   The goal around this unique word…
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Financial Marketer

Things to Know for Inbound as a Financial Marketer

Inbound marketing is important for any kind of business online, without a doubt. But we’re going to look more specifically at financial institutes and banks specifically in this blog to really understand why it is so crucial for their type of business. Inbound marketing helps financial institutes to better engage with their audience. And it…
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Business Automation

Small and Medium Business Automation

Small to medium sized businesses should focus on business automation. This business automation improves workflow, efficiency and prevents communication barriers within businesses making sure that every task that needs to be done, is done and done on time. Business automation has been a discussion for some time, but it is only recently really being implemented…
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DigiKat’s Business Growth and Automation 2018 Event

Wednesday 28 November, DigiKat will be hosting its first ever event. The Business Growth & Automation 2018 event is targeted at small to medium sized business owners. This will be an evening event and is aimed at business owners wanting to grow sales, margins and become more streamlined overall as a business. This evening will…
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customer onboarding

Customer Onboarding: How To Guide For Ultimate Success

A few blogs back, we talked about why you should be onboarding your customers. If you didn’t see that blog, click here to learn more about what customer onboarding is and why it is so important. So, now we understand what it is and it’s important, let’s talk about how to do it effectively.  …
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video marketing

Why Your Business Should Be Using Video Marketing

Video marketing is an ever increasingly relevant form of marketing for businesses. According to YouTube’s findings, there are about 1 billion hours worth of views on YouTube videos every single day around the world. The average watch time for an individual is 40 minutes a day. And overall, it is predicted that by 2019 video…
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Kora Naughton

Creating Kora Naughton’s ‘Film Noir’ Inspired Music Video

Working with Kora Naughton again on her newest music video was a dream come true for DigiKat. We were so excited to help create, film and edit the video for her new song ‘Ravenswood Lane’. Luke Oldknow, from our team, was the creative director for her first ever music video for her song ‘I Don’t…
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