customer onboarding

Why Customer Onboarding Is So Important

Customer onboarding is a really crucial process for businesses. Why? Because how you onboard your customers completely shapes your customers’ entire lifetime within your business. This importance means you cannot just guess when it comes to onboarding your customers or clients.   Creating customers for your business isn’t just about having a good product that…
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influencer marketing to older generations

Influencer Marketing to Older Generations

Influencer marketing is not just for millennials, despite what some might try to convince you. The beauty of influencer marketing for millennials is actually the same for older generations. They’re so resistant to typical ads that they aren’t responding to them well. Using influencers for older generations works quite similar to using them for the…
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Contextual Marketing (Inbound Strategy)

Inbound marketing focuses on drawing specific customers in through tailored content you know they are going to be interested in. Its focus is delivering the right content at the right moment. Contextual marketing works well as part of your inbound strategy as it focuses deeply on who you are targeting and how. It creates a…
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Canon Australia’s Support of Drought for Farmer Friday

Widespread, drought riddled Australia is now home to countless struggling farmers. From hand feeding stock to having to completely abandon farms and move, the situation for many is becoming more and more dire. R U Aware We Care is an initiative started by the Salvation Army, Tamworth Regional Council and 88.9PM with support from Wests…
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The Benefit of a Green Screen Studio in Video Creation

Here at DigiKat we are home to the largest, fully functioning green screen studio outside of metropolitan areas across all of Australia. And it’s available for hire! It is the only green screen studio in Tamworth and is ready to use for your next video production or photo shoot. Green screen studios are particularly helpful…
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Video Creation: The Pre-Production Process

The pre-production process of creating a video is crucial to developing a successful video for whatever purpose you are creating it for. Video pre-production is a step-by-step process that allows the creator to fully develop the whole idea in a well executed manner.   Video Pre-Production: The Story The story is the overall concept of…
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5 Internet of Things (IoT) Predictions Going into 2019

IoT is a major trending topic currently and has had a seat at the front for most of 2018. But what does its future look like? In our blog post The Future of The Internet of Things we mentioned the impact IoT was predicted to have by 2025. For example, we mentioned the fact that…
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Unit Economics: Measuring What Matters in Marketing

Unit economics. They’re what DigiKat is founded on and they’re one of the most important tools in marketing for measuring ROI (return on investment). The term unit economics sounds like it’s very complex and fancy, but it’s actually a really simple concept. Unit economics are the revenues and costs associated with a business model. They…
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3 Tactics to Drive Website Traffic That Aren’t SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation continues to hold great influence and power in generating website traffic. SEO is one of the most powerful organic tools businesses online have available to them. It works because it focuses on a target market that is looking for what you have to offer.   But SEO can also be…
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inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on pull marketing. Through the creation of content, SEO, social media and brand awareness and turn strangers eventually into promoters.   Inbound marketing follows a four-phase methodology: The process is simple, you take your strangers to visitors (ATTRACT), visitors to leads (CONVERT), leads to customers (CLOSE) and customers…
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