Cloud Computing

Why You Should Use Cloud Computing For Your Business

Cloud computing makes digital work far easier to navigate. It protects your data from being lost or from being inaccessible. Giving you access to your work from wherever you may be when you need access. It helps in so many ways and has so many different facets. Helping it to be so reliable and safe…
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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: Are You Using It?

Influencer marketing is bigger than ever with the absolute explosion of Instagram and other social media platforms.   Why Influencer Marketing? It’s Not Pushy Influencer marketing is completely not pushy. You aren’t forcing something on your target audience and are using a method of reaching out to them that they will respond to well. This…
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Above the Fold

Above The Fold Design: Website Design

Above the fold design is an important thing to consider in web design. Your website is the place online where your target audience can get a taste of who your business really is. If it is built effectively it can help your brand identity and can have many different pages to really show your audience…
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Why We Don’t let our Technology Limit Us

Often times you will see businesses showcase their brand-new equipment. It’s big, it’s shiny and it gets your attention. Very impressive. But does the biggest and best stuff actually result in the highest quality of content? And does not having access to that new equipment mean you are limited? The answer to both of these…
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IT for farming

The Impact of IT on the Agricultural World

Agriculture is a crucial part of society across the world, especially in Australia. Much like any industry, agriculture is constantly growing and changing. To keep up with the changing trends and growth in the industry you need to meet the technology demands. IT is how we use information and how we communicate this information to…
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Westpac Ball

2018 Rescue Ball Tamworth: Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service Tribute Video

The Tamworth Rescue Ball by Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is an annual event in Tamworth. It is held to raise money for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. This year it was held March 24 and had one of the largest number of attendees ever.   A lot of people support the Westpac ball every year…
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How to Make Your Instagram So Impressive

Although Instagram was primarily launched as a social networking platform, it is now used worldwide as a tool to promote many businesses. With the correct use and optimisation, Instagram can be placed among the most effective marketing tools for your business. However, maintaining an odd looking, lifeless Instagram account will not make much difference; you…
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Mobile Apps

Building a Mobile App For Your Business

Modern developments have led to a number of businesses to consider developing mobile apps. However, surprisingly, a significant number of businesses are still not aware of the benefits an app can deliver. This article highlights the reasons you should build a mobile app for your business. People are on their phones most hours of the…
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Hashtags and Why They Are So Important in Building Your Business

“Hashtags” is a frequently used word in today’s highly digitalised society. Hashtags have become an important aspect for modern businesses to succeed in this highly competitive era, they provide a number of assistive benefits for your business. Here is an overview of hashtags and why they are so important in building your business.     What…
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Using YouTube Content to Build Your Brand

YouTube content has completely transformed the way businesses can use social networking sites to build their business. Regardless of the scale of the business you run or to which industry it relates to, you need to seriously think about how you are going to brand it. Going beyond the traditional strategies, modern technology facilitates you…
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